Healthy Seminars Community Library

Healthy Seminars Community Library


The NATURAL Way to educate yourself.

Our Community Library is an extension of Healthy Seminars. Healthy Seminars offers online CEU/PDAs for Acupuncturist and Naturopathic Physicians. It intends to help raise the bar as far as practitioner competency and patient information is concerned.

The archived lectures from all the Community Unity lecture series are included as well as past years free recordings have been made available to users who subscribe.

Our intent is to offer inspirational short lectures under an hour just for the love of learning (no CEU/PDAs). If you would like to do a dive deep into learning and build your confidence in any area of your practice you can take a course from where we have an extensive catalogue of topics that are CEU/PDA approved.

The library is a real useful to use, especially when you want to go back to review the presentation
– I’ve been a member for some time no, would definitely recommend to join!