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Theralogix was founded in 2002 by a team of physicians and scientists committed to developing evidence-based, independently certified micronutrient supplements.

Since that time, under the guidance of an Advisory Board of nationally-recognized experts in male and female fertility, we have developed a suite of products which provide reproductive and hormonal health solutions for both men and women.

Every Theralogix product undergoes independent, third-party verification of content and purity through the ANSI 173 Dietary Supplement Certification Program at NSF® International, a non-profit agency in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Multiple Theralogix products have been chosen for use in university-sponsored and NIH-funded clinical trials that are currently underway.

Theralogix products, including  TheraNatal®, Ovavite®, Ovasitol® and ConceptionXR®  are currently used by clinics responsible for more than half the ART cycles in the U.S. From pre-conception to nursing, Theralogix reproductive health products have become the choice of thousands of healthcare providers and their patients.