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Nicole Lange




Nicole Lange LAc MAOM is a NCCAOM certified acupuncturist & herbalist whose mission is to employ age old ideas to create radical modern change – both in healthcare and in the lives of those she works with. Inspired by the words of one of the founding fathers of Chinese Medicine, “A superior physician does not just treat disease, but rather teaches society and informs the intentions of humanity,” Nicole has measured each step of her career by this standard. From this benchmark, arises her passion for patient centered care, education and empowering others and her belief in the possibility of changing the future of medicine. From her unique private practice to extensive public speaking, writing and other outreach, Nicole is honored to be an advocate for ancient medical ideals in the era of moderns healthcare reform.
Nicole has spoken to over 150 audiences on various TCM topics – always with the belief and desire to convey the message that her audience can do far more for their own health than she ever could – with the RIGHT information. A wife and mother of two, Lange is also an ardent believer in practicing what she preaches.
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