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Nanci Trivellato




Nanci Trivellato, MSc. in Research Methods in Psychology, is a senior researcher with the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC). She is a charter member of the IAC and of the Institute of Applied Consciousness Technologies (I-ACT), having lectured around the world in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA.
She established the Journal of Consciousness (JofC), of which she was Chief-editor for over 15 years and, currently, she hosts the program Consciousness & Science.
Nanci has been dedicated full-time to consciousness and psi research since 1990. She has conducted research under different methodological approaches, such as experimental investigation on OBE and remote viewing, second- and third-person research on subtle energy, and surveys on several non-ordinary phenomena. In 2010, Nanci was bestowed with the IAC Global Award for Contributions to Consciousness Science for her work on identifying the parameters of vibrational state. She is also the author of the book Vibrational State.
Currently, her major investigative focus is on the occurrence of psi or paranormal phenomena among children. She also is conducting an on-going, long-term research project on the “anatomy” and “physiology” of the energy body.