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Leon Hammer




Leon I. Hammer, M.D., is a graduate of Cornell University, Cornell Medical College, and the William A. White Institute of Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry. Until 1971, he practiced psychiatry and psychoanalysis, directed a child guidance clinic and Drug Abuse Councils on the Southeast Shore of Long Island, taught at Adelphi University, and was Psychiatric Consultant and associate professor at Southampton College in Southampton, New York.
After working with Fritz Perls and Gestalt therapy for three years and with Alexander Lowen and Bioenergetics over a period of eight years, he began a study of Chinese medicine. He studied in England with J.D. Van Buren during 1971-1974 and in 1981 traveled to study in China. Dr. Hammer studied with the internationally acknowledged Chinese master Dr. John HF Shen over a period of 27 years.
Dr, Hammer practiced Chinese medicine from 1973 to 1990 and continues to do consultations for practitioners. He is the author of “Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies,” a study of the relationship of Chinese medicine and Western Psychology. His second book, “Chinese Pulse Diagnosis, A Contemporary Approach,” is published by Eastland Press. Dr. Hammer’s third book is called “The Patient-Practitioner Relationship in Acupuncture.” Dr. Hammer has taught workshops in various aspects of Chinese medicine, especially pulse diagnosis, in the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan.
In April 2001, Dr. Hammer helped found the Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine in Gainesville, Florida. He is Chairman of the Board, provides guidance and direction, and is a faculty member of the College. The College curriculum, Contemporary Oriental Medicine, emphasizes psychology and integrates into a unique whole aspects of various models of Chinese Medicine, including TCM and Five-Element. It has a strong focus on diagnosis, especially Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis and Asking Diagnosis.
Over the last few years, Dr. Hammer has decided to restrict his travels. Currently he is engaged in writing, but continues to teach a small, select group of advanced students, and conducts an ongoing teacher training program for Certified Teachers.

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