In Memory of Leon Hammer

In Memory of Leon Hammer

In Memory of Dr. Leon Hammer,

Dr. Leon Hammer MD, a revered psychiatrist and Chinese medicine doctor, was not only known for his exceptional contributions to the fields of medicine and education but also for his profound ability to inspire and educate others. Throughout his 99-year life, Dr. Hammer’s insights, wisdom, and clinical pearls left an enduring impact on those who had the privilege of learning from him. In a testament to his enduring legacy, his community lectures have been made available for all to enjoy during the month of August.

I was blessed to have several conversations with Dr. Hammer as a moderator to his lectures as well as off camera by phone to discuss our medicine, the meaning of life, his latest book he was writing and his passion project, Dragon Rises College.

During the month of July, I want to give you free access to Leon’s lectures, and I invite you to immerse yourself in Dr. Hammer’s teachings, experience his profound understanding of Qi, and learn from a true master. By embracing his lectures, you will have the chance to connect with his remarkable insight, gain invaluable knowledge, and carry forward the torch of his teachings.

~ Lorne Brown and The Healthy Seminars Team

PS: If you are subscribed to the Community Library,, you have ongoing access with your subscription.  If not subscribed, you have free access for the month of August 2023

Free Access during the month of August 2023

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