Year of the Yang Black Tiger 2022 Forecast

In 2021, the year of the Yin Metal Ox, brought many challenges. The passing of Lillian Pear Bridges devastated the Chinese medicine community and beyond. Lillian was my mentor, teacher, and friend and she will be greatly missed by many in the human family. For decades, Lillian offered a prediction for the upcoming years. The lotus Institute bestowed upon me the honor of carrying on this tradition, by which I am humbled and will do my best to honor her legacy. Lillian taught many things, some of which was about yin/yang, the five-elements, and the energetics of the 12 Chinese animals. Also, for over a decade, I have also had the fortune of studying under teacher, Master Zhongxian Wu, who has written several books on the subject, many with his wife, Dr. Karin Wu, which will be incorporated into this prediction.

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Year of the Yang Black Tiger 2022 Forecast

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