Why Should Men Take Vitamins When Dealing with Infertility?

There is emerging evidence to show that men, as well as women, should be taking “preconception” or “prenatal” supplements in anticipation of family building. A recent meta-analysis of several randomized trials has shown that women undergoing IVF are more likely to conceive and less likely to miscarry if their male partners are taking antioxidant supplements. The mechanism for this effect might involve both improved sperm motility and also improved sperm DNA integrity. The U.S. government has now begun a prospective nationwide randomized trial to address this issue definitely.


  1. Delineate what constitutes an “antioxidant” supplement
  2. Describe how sperm DNA fragmentation might impair male fertility
  3. List 3 known causes of elevated sperm DNA fragmentation

IFS Lecture from June 12, 2016

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