What is the Point of Acupuncture?

This webinar will present passages from Chapter 1 of Ling Shu (Spiritual Pivot) relevant to the properties of acupuncture points, and help practitioners think about them in contemporary biomedical perspective. Using peer reviewed sources, anatomical dissection and electro-stimulation, points on the Lung channel will be presented as an example to help acupuncturists understand the ancient intent for point coordinates that has been passed down to us.

The information shared in this workshop will help acupuncturist understand that there are distinct intentions behind different acupuncture points. Understanding the intended purpose behind each acupuncture point is the first step in achieving correct point location and De Qi sensation. At the very least this webinar will help you become more confident in the medicine you practice and to be able to explain to our biomedical colleagues what it is that we do.

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What is the Point of Acupuncture?

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