Using trigeminal nerve-associated acupoints to increase cerebral blood flow

The trigeminal nerve (CNV) has three divisions, each with numerous branches that supply sensory function to the face and motor function to the jaw. Ancient sages understood this neuroanatomy and have pre-assigned specific acupoints for each and every branch of the trigeminal nerve! Poney shares these findings from his publication (Med Acupunct. 2020 Aug 1;32(4):181-193) as well as presents the neurophysiology behind trigeminal-mediated cerebral blood flow stimulation. By understanding how various divisions (V1, V2, V3) affect the innervation of the meninges and cerebral blood flow, we can design novel ways to improve sensory loss, equilibrium, cognitive and affectual dysfunctions often seen in post-COVID, post-concussion and many neuro-degenerative diseases.

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