Treating Common Gastrointestinal Complaints in Children

This class will review the most common presenting gastrointestinal problems in children, including their differential diagnoses, red flags, and integrative treatment options.  Biomedical patterns and Chinese medical patterns will be cross-referenced, and suggested treatment protocols for these reviewed.  Content will include both biomedical supplements and Chinese medical approaches such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and tui na.  This is intended to be a practical session providing specific treatment strategies in the context of clinical safety.


  • Identify the most common presenting gastrointestinal complaints in children and their differential diagnoses
  • Recognize red flags in treatment to assure clinical safety.
  • Identify Chinese medical patterns and their biomedical correlates
  • Become familiar with the mainstream biomedical treatment approaches likely provided to families
  • Understand integrative treatment strategies and their rationale to treat common clinical patterns effectively using natural methods.

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