The Extraordinary Vessels and Child Development


The extraordinary vessels govern not only reproductive physiology, but also growth and development, and the process of personality formation and acculturation.  Human development and the development of the personality cannot be understood without recognizing the foundational influence of these vessels.  As we progress through different stages of growth, from fetal to adulthood, the extraordinary vessels both guide this process and differentiate to make us who we are as gender, race, and culture identified creatures.  We can see this process mirrored in animal groups as well, and through exploration of these systems see the melding of evolutionary biology with Chinese medical physiology.  No system in Chinese medicine better describes the human experience than the extraordinary vessels.


  • Understand the core domains of influence of each of the extraordinary vessels
  • Identify the ages of development when each vessel is most active, and understand how this influences later life behavior
  • Cross reference the influence of these vessels between human and animal models
  • Understand the postural correlates of the vessels and how posture can influence physiology
  • Consider novel options for the treatment of a number of conditions through the application of extraordinary vessel theory.

Lecture from IFS: May 12, 2017

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