The Angst of Modern Living – Trauma and its impact on the Luo System

This lecture will discuss the impact that the trauma of modern existence has on our ability to regulate our emotions and the flow of qi and blood. We are currently in a time of epic and global distress. The challenges of living in a healthy and meaningful way are great. The ability to feel hopeful and to experience peace and joy is more challenging now than ever. The luo system has the ability to manage and support the circulation of blood in such a way that it can act for self-preservation by creating additional blood vessels to hold our pain or it can release the burden of that pain. We can employ this system to help patients let go of the distraction of trapped trauma/emotion and free themselves of suffering. Restoring or rectifying this system helps patients to manage their emotional life in a way that supports agency. We will discuss how we can recognize this type of pathology and the primary methods for releasing it.

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