That Study Is Wrong: The Truth About Research

Why is nutrition research so confusing? Eggs are good, then they’re bad, then they’re good. Fat was fine for centuries, then we went on a low-fat craze, and now fat is making a come-back. If alcohol is so bad for us, why do people who drink live longer? The news and headlines confuse many of us, making it challenging to make good health and diet decisions for ourselves and for our families.

What if you could gain some clarity around this? What if you could distinguish what was accurate around research and what was not, enabling you to have more confidence around your choices and giving you some critical thinking in the face of “the newest research”? Examples covered include: what’s wrong with The China Study? How big are your chances of getting colon cancer from bacon? Do mammograms really save as many women as we think they do?

This webinar will humorously and easily bring clarity to what you’ve heard and read, making it simple for you to see what’s right and what’s wrong with research. You will see how to separate truth from fiction, accuracy from inaccuracy, and bring some common sense back to news announcements like this in Aug. 2012 that said, “Eggs are as bad for you as smoking”!

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That Study Is Wrong: The Truth About Research

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