Taming the Unbridled Thought in Anxiety Insomnia & Depression

One of the most common symptoms associated with many mental pathologies, including Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression is ruminating thoughts: cant stop thinking, monkey-mind, worrying, obsessing, over-analyzing, preoccupation. Even certain types of eating disorderssuch as cravings and obsession with food or certain foods.relate to excess thinking. Conventional medicine grapples with what to do with a thought thats gone wrong. Often anti-depressants, sleeping aids or sedatives are prescribed, or one may be referred to a Psychiatrist or Psychotherapist, or be recommended surgery, such as bypass surgery for eating disorders. Common self-help strategies may be to think about something else, such as counting sheep if you are struggling with insomnia, or even alcohol or other non-prescription mind-altering substances to take your mind off it.

A thought, or the act of thinking, despite advances in Neuroscience, warrants further exploration in its physiology and its treatments for pathologies. Being mostly an immaterial concept, pathologies involving thinking gone wrong are very suitable for acupuncture or energetic medicine. Join us as we explore advanced acupuncture pearls, synthesized and modernized from the ancient medical texts, that can be implemented in practice today to help patients manage and move their thinking, transforming their thoughts into action. This Webinar is a precursor to the 6 CEU Advanced Acupuncture for Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression that delves deeper into the ancient wisdom in the texts, providing relevant results-oriented techniques to treat and prevent mental and emotional pathologies.

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Taming the Unbridled Thought in Anxiety Insomnia & Depression

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