Reproductive Age – Share Your Hope

Most fertility patients have been bombarded with information about advanced maternal age, high FSH, low AMH, the risk of chromosomal abnormalities… although medicine has adequately warned the public of the risks of waiting, what they have not been able to convey is that there is much a woman can do to improve her fertility regardless of her age.

In all my years of treating thousands of fertility patients, most have been over 40. Most have had high FSH and low AMH. Except for one women in her thirties who got pregnant immediately after starting the program, none have had chromosomal abnormalities. When you are in charge of your own reproductive health, you can defy the statistical odds of the population that turns their health over to others.

Western science doesn’t focus on what you can do to improve your fertility status. This is where you must take charge.

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Reproductive Age – Share Your Hope

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