Preeclampsia and More: How case studies can change the World

You have a few great cases, don’t you? The kind where the person had almost given up hope and then things changed dramatically for the better with treatment.

Is there a reason you haven’t written them up in a case study?

Zena discusses how her writing up a single case led to a publication, a major research initiative, and an invitation to present at the ACOG meeting this year.

Claudia shows how easy it is to write up a case, with a downloadable PDF of online resources to help you through information gathering, writing, presenting and even publishing. Most mainstream medical providers just don’t know how profound the effects of acupuncture and herbal medicine can be and are genuinely excited when they see them for themselves. Big studies by their nature don’t capture patients’ individual trajectories, and often use textbook treatment protocols that none of us have used since school. But a new US journal is dedicated to case studies, and the more of these we publish, the more snapshots and building blocks we have for introducing new patients and their mainstream care providers to the many ways that we can support them, and building studies that better reflect our real-world results.

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