Practice at the Crossroads: Acupuncture, Alchemy, Spirituality and Healing

Crossroads are choice points. They are recognized as dangerous yet sacred precincts of crisis and opportunity in all ancient cultures. Humanity is at such a choice point now, a defining moment in our evolution as a species in relationship to all beings as well as the planet itself.

Lorie Eve Dechar and Benjamin Fox invite you to join them to explore what is being asked of us as practitioners and healers at this crossroads.

– Where do we discover trusted guides and reliable maps when we enter the territory of the unknown

– What is our mandate as our planet careens through the dismembering challenges of morphing viruses, climate chaos, political fragmentation?

– How do we access and make use of the shen that is available to us, the down-pouring radiance of heaven that might activate the potential for consciousness transformation?

– How are these outer realities impacting the souls and spirits of our patients and how can we best offer support?

– How can we care for our own souls as we interface with trauma and possession states in the treatment room, in the world, and within our own psyches?

– How can the principles of the ancient art of alchemy that underpin the theories of traditional Chinese medicine help us to find the gold in the lead of the difficulties that confront us?

– And how might we actively engage in the evolution of human consciousness through our practice?

Join us for this introductory conversation to the upcoming Alchemical Healing Mentorship that will be offered by Lorie Eve Dechar and Benjamin Fox in partnership with Healthy Seminars beginning this January 2022.

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Practice at the Crossroads: Acupuncture, Alchemy, Spirituality and Healing

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