Pointer Plus for Professionals: Pearls and Pitfalls

The Pointer Plus (PP) device is a handheld form of electrodiagnostic and therapeutic tool. Layman can use it to find acupuncture points based on electroconductivity of the skin, followed by sending electric bursts into the skin and underlying muscles and nerves to achieve a therapeutic effect. Dr. Chiang utilize the PP primarily as a confirmatory device to verify if needles inserted into any given acupuncture point is placed correctly to deliver the optimal DeQi response. Since each point has distinct neuroanatomy, it allows practitioners to predict then confirm what type of DeQi sensation could and should occur for that point. This method gives practitioners confidence on the precision of their needling as well as increasing the reproducibility of their treatments. The PP is also an invaluable tool to find cutaneous nerves that are difficult to find by palpation. Dr. Chiang often applies the PP to neuro-modulate nerve trunks so that an entire kinetic chain comprised of multiple muscles (from multiple nerve branches) can be de-inhibited with only a single needle.
The goal of this webinar is to discuss the basic operations of the PP. Compare and contrast different models that are available on the market. Then Dr. Chiang will demonstrate how he uses the PP to search for a nerve; how he uses it to activate de-inhibited (weak) muscles through nerve trunks electro-stimulation

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