PCOS Fertility and Functional Lab Testing – Clinical Pearls

Chinese medicine and functional medicine share a few things in common. They treat the whole person and not just the disease, and they treat the underlying cause rather than chase symptoms.

Comprehensive functional medicine lab testing when combined with Chinese diagnosis will not only help you get to the source of the underlying cause of infertility, but also improve your treatment protocols and ultimately patient outcomes. Patients appreciate tests that can objectively monitor and measure progress.

What if these tests are outside of your scope? this issue did not stop Acubalance Wellness Centre in Vancouver, Canada. They found MDs and NDs to order and interpret these tests for their fertility patients. It has served their patients so well over the years that they recruited a functional medicine naturopath (ND) to join Acubalance who offers all the comprehensive testing.

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PCOS Fertility and Functional Lab Testing – Clinical Pearls


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