PCOS and RPL -Using Skin to Guide your Diagnosis and Treatment

Awareness of the associated comorbidity between skin disease and reproductive health is such that researchers are declaring, “An assessment of sexual function should be part of the routine holistic care provided for dermatology outpatients”. The reasons for such advice are becoming obvious; herpes simplex is associated with infertility; vitiligo is associated with pre-mature ovarian failure; systemic lupus erythematosus is associated with low ovarian reserve; psoriasis is associated with erectile dysfunction, as well as, increased pregnancy risks (upwards of 20% miscarriage rates). Fortunately, for practitioners of Chinese medicine, such advice already exists within the holistic framework of ‘Yi bing tong zhi, tong bing yi zhi’ (different diseases, same treatment; same disease, different treatments). By understanding the underlining pathocmechanism/ pattern syndrome of a patient’s skin disease, insights into concurrent reproductive issues may also be realized, and potentially alleviated. In this lecture, Trevor Erikson, Dr TCM, will look at acne vulgaris, one of the most commonly seen skin disorders in clinic, and how it relates to such issues as anovulation (PCOS), recurrent miscarriage, and even infertility due to high FSH. Trevor will use case studies from his own clinical experience to help illuminate his points. This will be a Chinese herbal medicine focused lecture.

IFS Lecture from June 15, 2016.

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