Panel – Vaccinations: How do you support those who do and do not vaccinate

IFS from June 6, 2017

Confusing information has been appearing in the news and social media about vaccinations.  It is a controversial  topic that has become polarized between Anti-Vaxx and Pro-Vaxx vaccination groups.

This panel is comprised of Medical Doctors and Chinese medicine practitioners.  The panel is less about the pro and cons of vaccinating kids since this debate seems to divide us and leads to more confusion.  The panel will focus on discussing how to support the kids you see in your practice who are from both demographics; vaccinated and non-vaccinated.  This is the reality of clinical practice today.  You will see both groups so best to now how to protect those not vaccinated from diseases and how to and support those vaccinated from any side effects.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review some of the pros and cons to vaccinating
  2. Review some of the pros and cons to not vaccinating 
  3. Approaches to support the immune system and health of kids not vaccinated
  4. Approaches to prevent and treat possible side effects from vaccinations.

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Brandon Horn
Brandon Horn Author

Dr. Brandon Horn, PhD, JD, LAc, FABORM is a lecturer, researcher and clinician. He received his bachelor’s and juris doctorate degrees from the Ohio State University, his master’s degree in oriental medicine from Samra University and his PhD in classical Chinese medicine from the American University of Complementary Medicine, where he currently serves as the Chief Academic Officer. For CEU/PDAs by this speaker click here –

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