Men’s Health – Stress, Insulin Resistance and the Endocrine of Sperm Development

This talk is geared to understanding more effective acupuncture treatment for enhancing optimum HPG function. 

We will discuss how the culture of pressured work schedules and environment coupled with grab-and-go diets, often of the wrong foods, can play havoc with insulin balance, often leading to poor libido and poor sperm parameters.

Acupuncture strategies that focus on Qi and blood and fluids are a part of the picture of what Chinese medicine has to offer for increasing fertility, they are the nuts and bolts of generating an appropriate environment. In this lecture we will look at how to use acupuncture to clear and enhance the levels of function beneath and beyond the pattern and syndrome differentiation, creating pathways of functionality to augment the smooth exchange of endocrine balance that will allow effective feedback loop mechanisms. 

We will focus on understanding channel flow and the communication between the systems and the importance of organizing the Sheng and Ke cycle relationships, all in the context of autonomic and digestive dysfunction.

So often men’s fertility treatment focuses solely on the development of healthy sperm with an emphasis to improve concentration, motility and morphology. Acupuncture ever and always needs must treat the whole, and this lecture emphasizes a treatment strategy that peels back to the more global level of hormonal governance that will automatically improve the delivery of the vital exchanges that will do just that.

Good wood and strong swimmers are ever an indication of our total health. This lecture is designed to remind practitioners of the important role that acupuncture has in structuring how the systems are functioning as a whole.

Treatment strategies will be discussed via case histories with the ambition to chill out the patient and to help inspire the practitioner. The journey to improve the soil that will improve the health of the seed begins in the Hypothalumus.

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