Making Sense Out of Diagnostic Chaos. Simplifying Diagnosing for better Outcomes and Less Clinical Stress.

IFS Lecture from May 18, 2017

How would you like to walk out of a consultation and quickly be able to make a confident diagnosis and treatment plan without a lot of deliberation? Would you like to improve your diagnostic confidence? Are you like so many other reproductive acupuncturist who are  overwhelmed by the amount of confounding signs and symptoms layered with the massive amount of Western Medical Details that need to be accounted for in your diagnostic process? And if you not, would you like for your associated to have stronger diagnostic skills?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. After training hundreds of acupuncturists, this has been the most common complaint. 

The good news is that making confident and accurate diagnoses isn’t difficult but it does take a system.  In this class we will take my system of Quantified Constitutional Diagnosing and put it on crack. In less than an hour,  I will teach you a systematic diagnostic approach that will have you (and your associates) making solid and confident diagnoses, as well as treatment plans that get predictable and quantifiable outcomes.  

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