Macrocosm and Microcosm – A World in Crisis and the 8 Extraordinary Vessels

“The part reflects the whole.” This analogy comes from a historical (Greek philosophers) view that implies a structural similarity between Humans and the Cosmos. The rise of conflict and violence in the world, racism, misogyny, fascism, homophobia and increasing oppression of marginalized communities are ever present in the world. This cannot happen without similar struggles in each of us. It is easy to feel powerless in the face of all of this but even though as individuals we do not have the ability to change all of this in the world, we do have the ability to bring into consciousness that part of us that reflects this mess. The 8 extraordinary vessels are a profound tool for rectification of the Shadow in each of us. When we are able to bring into the light that which obstructs the full expression of our humanity, then we are able to radiate, peace, contentment, compassion and this in turn impacts the world around us. Each of the 8 has a unique archetypal nature that is reflected in the macrocosm. Accessing these vessels and rectifying their flow can makes us more human. They can help us to restore our sovereignty. Living from this place helps us to create communities that heal instead of harm.

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