Maca, and Ashwagandha for Supporting Fertility: Scientific and TCM

Maca and Ashwagandha are two common herbs in the domestic marketplace that are useful for supporting fertility goals. These herbs all have traditional use and an emerging evidence base supporting their inclusion in women’s health and men’s health. Practitioners of TCM who focus on fertility and sexual health will benefit from learning about how to effectively wield these tools as an adjunct to existing therapeutic treatment plans. TCM practitioners will also benefit in better understanding these plant medicines as there is a likelihood their patients may already be taking them, and it is useful to consider how they fit into TCM formulas.

Learning objectives

  • Review research on two botanicals in commerce
  • Explore the applications of these herbs from TCM and scientific perspectives
  • Consider application of these botanicals in conjunction with TCM treatments
  • Examine clinical implications of research
  • Examine available information on drug herb interactions
  • Coaching patients on experiential attributes of both herbs

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