Learn Top Five Ways to Attract New Patients

Health professionals need emotional and spiritual maturity, expertise in treating people, and business skills. Success in practice is the result of building healthy, positive, long-term relationships with people. This module, originally created for students who have not yet set up their clinics, has proven useful and practical for 20-year veteran practitioners as well. It goes into depth on a step-by-step approach to creating a new practice from scratch, or evaluating an existing practice for missing pieces. Seminar topics include the success mindset, the four keys of business success, practice vision and plan, different practice models, location, insurance, startup capital, buying a practice, accounting, forms, filing, advisors, hiring staff, computer software. You will emerge from this course with the confidence, skills and actionable next steps needed to start or grow a strong healthcare practice.

By completing this program, the participant will be able to:
1. Understand the Yin and Yang of Success
2. Learn the essential keys to business success; five success factors
3. Understand the four stages in the life of a practice and what is needed in each
4. Create a useful business/practice plan
5. Discover different practice setup options and six practice models
6. Understand startup costs, capital and equipment
7. Know the essentials of buying a practice
8. Learn how to create professional & business teams and an intro to legal setup
(detailed in LSS Module Three)
9. Differentiate between the different types of insurance
10. Understand the essentials of setting up financial, computer and filing systems

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