IVF Transfer Day: To Paulus or Not to Paulus, That is the Question

There is growing evidence that the efficacy/effectiveness of the ‘Pre & Post IVF Transfer Treatments’ (Paulus et al 2002) is disputed, and there is growing evidence that there is no discernable physiologic benefit from doing these treatments.

In this course, we will look at the ways that we can most effectively support our patients throughout the actual cycle, and in particular through the post-transfer phase.

We will review the biology of implantation in the context of understanding in more depth the trophoblastic processes in the early days of implantation, and we will look at the kind of acupuncture treatment that might be most beneficial during this delicate luteal phase.

The aim of this course is to help generate an ongoing discussion in order to develop a conversation within our own profession as to how we need to understand for ourselves just what our acupuncture during IVF is actually accomplishing.

IFS from June 15, 2016

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