Herbal Classics with Sharon Weizenbaum – Wu Zhu Yu Tang

This free series will cover vomiting and diarrhea, migraines, stomach pain, restlessness, agitation, mental illness.

This free series is designed to bring light to some useful yet obscure herbal formulas from the Shang Han Za Bing Lun (Treatise on Damage From Cold and Miscellaneous Illnesses). Beginning with an orientation and introduction to the series

Each formula is a window into understanding how physiology can go wrong, what happens when it goes wrong, how to recognize this detour from correct physiology and how to treat it with Chinese formulas. Hence each formula discussion is also a lesson in physiology from a classic formula perspective. Classic physiology is an area that Sharon Weizenbaum is uniquely able to teach. She offers a perspective that is extremely practical and clarifying, allowing students to place formulas easily into their repertoire.

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Herbal Classics with Sharon Weizenbaum – Wu Zhu Yu Tang

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