Healing Mental Health with Spiritual Qigong

Having difficulty treating stress, anxiety, depression, or an unexplained ailment that no medicine seems to help? Mental health remains one of the most difficult to treat East and West Missing link in mental health – the imbalance between our dominating brain and our neglected spiritual center. Learn how to change your mindset by empowering your spiritual center with Heal From Within©️ Qigong Without embodying the spirit, we are underutilizing Chinese Medicine’s true potential Siu Ping Negrin is a Qigong healer, spiritual coach, acupuncturist, and author of Stronger than Your Stress: An Energy Guide to Heal From Within©️. She holds a Master’s in Acupuncture from the Tri-State College of Acupuncture, with an additional 2-year concentration in Orthopedics and Rehabilitation. Her style of healing and Qigong was influenced over 20 years by various spiritual and Chinese teachers including Robert Peng, Chunyi Lin, Andrew Nugent-Head and Tom Bisio. Additionally, she holds a BS in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from SUNY Albany. Her Heal From Within®️ program is revolutionizing mental health treating stress, anxiety, and depression by shifting energy from the malfunctioning mind to the grounding spirit, through her unique spiritual Qigong teachings.

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