Going Beyond the 4 Phase Treatment Approach – Clinical Pearls from China

Concepts of reproductive medicine now popular in North America, especially that of using Chinese Herbs according to phases of the menstrual cycle, are deeply influenced by ideas from Nanjing. Xia Gui Cheng originated this formulation format, which was later promulgated by Jane Lyttleton and other pioneers of Reproductive Medicine in the West. One generation later, the students of Xia have taken his system and further developed their own methods and protocols.

This lecture will cover the clinical experiences garnered from a gamut of Old TCM Physicians in the post-Xia era. The focus will be on the use of herbs alone for reproductive enhancement. Lecture contents include:

  • Backdrop of Cultural Revolution for Modern TCM
  • Xia Gui Cheng interprets Western Medicine
  • Case
  • The Really Old Guard – Some Key ideas
  • The Makings of Gui Shao Di Huang Tang
  • Breaking Down the Late Follicular Phase
  • Three Ovulation Formulas and the most common version
  • Post-Ovulation
  • Formulating Modified Wu Wei Tiao Jing Tang
  • For the SP-ST Deficient
  • Ways to work the Liver Constraint
  • Pattern or Phase?
  • Q& A​

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