Frozen Embryo Cycles – Effective Strategies to integrate Whole Systems TCM

The field of in vitro fertilization is rapidly changing with new technologies developed every year. Many clinics are now moving away from fresh embryo transfers and shifting more and more toward frozen embryo cycles. Does this change the adjuvant Whole Systems Traditional Chinese Medicine (WSTCM) treatment? In this session, learn how frozen embryo IVF cycles differ from fresh embryo IVF cycles, how these differences can be interpreted by WSTCM, and through a case example, learn how to effectively apply WSTCM to FET cycles.

Learning Objectives:

  • Compare and contrast fresh versus frozen cycles
  • Interpret differences between fresh and frozen cycles through the TCM lens.
  • Present case describing TCM’s impact on FET outcomes


  • Overview of Fresh versus Frozen IVF cycles
  • TCM Interpretation
  • Case example

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