Cysts Happen – Anovulation and Menstrual Irregularities

Understanding cysts and their impact on menstrual cycles. We will discuss the different types of cysts through pictures and examples while looking at their overall interference with ovulation and fertility. An in-depth snapshot of neuroendocrinology and western pathology will provide a backdrop for treatment options, and how we can integrate eastern medicine, supplements and environmental changes to resolve them. This is a quick overview and informative session integrating care and treatment options for the lumps, growths, tumors, bubbles or what we call “cysts.” 

Learning Objectives

  • Irregular menstruation and cyst formation from a western perspective, pathology and treatments will be reviewed
  • The etiology of menstrual irregularities and associated symptoms from traditional             Chinese medicine and how to best handle these issues to regulate with acupuncture    and herbs.
  • The benefits of acupuncture treatments which assist in improving the menstrual cycle and integrative protocols for treating cysts

IFS Lecture from June 28, 2018

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