So what IS the right way to eat? Vegan? Paleo? The Zone? Atkins? Pescatarian? Low fat? Dairy-free? The choices are endless and who can figure out the truth amongst all the conflicting headlines and differing research? There are a few missing things that would help us figure this out, including some decent context and common sense and this webinar will give you both.

We’ll distinguish what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong in our modern diets. We’ll look at current ideas about food, skewer some myths, and see what’s actually correct: is eating low-fat really healthy? What’s the truth about meat? Or soy? Or grains? Or sugar? This fast-paced webinar will clarify and simplify many different “theories” about nutrition, enable you to find some solid ground in the constantly shifting field of news headlines and diets, and give you clear guidelines on what to eat to be healthy.

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Common Sense Nutrition

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