Chakra & Extraordinary Vessel Tx for Profound Psycho-Emotional Healing

Chakas are energy vortices within the body that regulate and influence organs, glands, nervous system, emotions and subtle energy communication between people, the Earth and the cosmos. Extraordinary vessels distribute source energies throughout the Organ-meridian system to help regulate vital life functions. Each of these systems affect the body-mind in different ways, and can amplify results when combined together. Combining treatment of chakras and extraordinary vessels is rarely done, yet it can produce powerful clinical outcomes for patients with complex, hard to treat issues. 

In this lecture Darren Starwynn will share his clinical experience applying chakra therapies, and how he has integrated this with extraordinary vessel acupuncture. He will share some ways attendees can apply this in their own practice. Darren will also introduce the system of Quantum Catalyst Healing, in which practitioners attune their consciousness to the limitless Quantum Field while doing their treatments, thereby opening up new pathways of positive transformation for their clients and themselves.

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