Bringing Classical Acupuncture to Hospitals to treat High Risk Pregnancy

Over the past 11 years, Zena has been able to use classic ‘threatened miscarriage’ treatments in conjunction with Western medical care to treat high risk pregnancy at a large metro hospital. Due to the diversity and breadth of the population seeking care, this lecture will can examine the myriad causes of admission to an antepartum unit: preterm labor (PTL), preterm premature ruptured membranes (PPROM), preeclampsia, placenta previa, hypertension, uterine bleeding, kidney failure and cholestasis, and Zena will show how she has applied classical training to these conditions. Demonstrations include self-care techniques that are useful to teach patients and family members such as Qi Gong exercises, Korean hand therapy (KHT), acupressure points, aromatherapy and guided imagery to sustain pregnancy. This talk includes data and patient cases collected from her hospital, illuminated by current research and the classics. 

Learning Objectives 

1.Understand causes of admission to antepartum unit in a hospital
2. Become familiar with classic treatment strategies for typical antepartum patients
3. Learn the art of bringing acupuncture into a hospital setting
4. Take home techniques to teach family and birth partners for sustaining pregnancies

Lecture from May 30, 2017

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