Auricular Therapy for Chronic Pain

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We all hope to treat acute pain immediately and effectively enough that it does not settle into a chronic pain syndrome. Too often this intervention does not occur successfully. What then? How do we help those patients that are living with this debilitating problem? In this lecture Muriel Agnes will present a 5 Step Treatment Plan for Chronic Pain using Auricular Therapy. Auricular therapy is known for its direct, quick and highly effective treatment of chronic pain. Research has demonstrated its ability, even for cancer pain, to not only diminish pain sensations, but also to increase the overall sense of well-being of the patient, thereby contributing to a cycle of healing. In some cases, one treatment alone can have a lasting effect for weeks or even months! Auricular therapy directly and non-invasively treats the nervous system, both sensory and motor nerves, interrupting the pain messages that are continuing past normal healing time. As a system of both assessment and treatment, Auricular therapy can also find and clear underlying blockages to healing that are preventing the patient system from responding to treatments. Learn how the Ear can bring healing and comfort to your challenged patients that have not been able to break out of a chronic pain syndrome.

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Auricular Therapy for Chronic Pain

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