Adolescent Women’s Reproductive and Bone Maturation—Avoid Combined Hormonal Contraception

It is now normal for adolescent women to seek health care provider prescription of combined hormonal contraception (CHC) for treatment (55%—cramps, irregular cycles, acne) or contraception (45%). However adolescent women are still maturing in menstrual cycles, developing ovulation and accruing peak bone mass. This talk will outline the normal adolescent reproductive and bone physiology and show the ways in which CHC may interfere with optimal maturation. 

Learning objectives:

  1. What normal cycle changes occur in the years after menarche?
  2. What normal changes occur in musculoskeletal health in women’s adolescence?
  3. What is today’s current pattern of use of combined hormonal contraceptives (CHC)?
  4. What do we know about CHC use and reproductive and bone maturation?

IFS Lecture from July 2, 2018

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