Adding TeleHealth to your practice

I personally use Jane in my Acubalance Vancouver practice and I am overly impressed with the Telehealth service they have added. We have been using it for about a week now and it is amazing. It is great to have our scheduling, billing, EMR and telemedicine in one application. Thank you to all the people at Jane App.

And I took Natasha’s course on Launching Your Telehealth practice, which Healthy Seminars is offering on April 4th, and it provided me with the skills and confidence so I was motivated to start consulting with my patients virtually.

Let’s combine them together like a peanut butter cup! Enjoy this amazing talk with Alison Taylor (Jane Co-Founder) and Natasha Wilch (Telehealth expert) for a free 90 minute webinar.

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Adding TeleHealth to your practice

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