5 Element Functional Endocrinology Metal and Water Relationship – Gut/Fertility Axis

In this course, you learn an innovative, holistic model for understanding how gut and reproductive function are inextricably linked. Centuries ago, the Chinese medical sages described relationships between organs using the Five Element model. This model already encompasses the recently discovered “Gut-Brain” and “Gut-Immune” axis, along with other critical relationships between body systems. 

We will explore the Metal-Water relationship as it applies to the concepts of Boundary, Barrier, Essence, and Functional Energy Reserves. You learn strategies to effectively begin to notice, assess, diagnose, and treat Gut/Reproductive issues using not only acupuncture but nutritional supplements, dietary counseling, and herbal medicine. 

The diagnostic model is based on an integrative vision developed over 11 years of clinical practice and is a blend of Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong, Taoist Alchemy, and Functional Endocrinology.

IFS Lecture from June 16, 2016.

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