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Yaron Seidman, D.A.O.M., L.Ac., originated the Hunyuan Fertility Method in 2002. Using his knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine, the accomplished acupuncture practitioner invented a treatment that is both forward-looking and grounded in the ancient past.

Dr. Seidman, a scholar of Chinese Medicine for the past 20 years, has also studied western health sciences in depth. In 2005, he authored The Hunyuan Method for Fertility-The Chinese Medicine Cure, and in 2010 Curing Infertility: The Incredible Hunyuan Breakthrough.

A native of Israel, Seidman began his studies in modern Chinese medicine from 1989 until 1993 in Israel and New Zealand. Recognizing the deficiencies in the contemporary approach, he resolved to Chinese medicine’s classical approach. In 1994, he moved to Freiburg, Germany to study classical Chinese language and literature, and began taking frequent trips to China to explore the Classics. In 1998, while spending six months at China’s Guangxi TCM University, he met Professor Liu Li-hong, the renowned scholar who became his mentor. With Liu’s help, Seidman set out to rediscover the incredible clinical power of classical Chinese medicine.