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Peter Deadman is the founder of Infinity Foods, a natural health food store in the1970s. He studied acupuncture at TheInternational College of Oriental Medicine in East Grinstead,England, graduating as a Bachelor of Acupuncture in 1978. Since1979 he has lectured on Chinese medicine and acupuncture throughout the world. Peter Deadman is the founder, editor and publisher of “The Journal of Chinese Medicine” which has been published continuously since 1979.
The JCM has played a vital role in raising the standards of education and practice in Chinese medicine throughout the English speaking world. In 1998, Peter co-authored of “A Manual ofAcupuncture” a textbook that is a compulsory requirement for nearly all acupuncture schools in the English-speaking world.
He has lectured internationally on Chinese medicine and related topics for the last thirty years. Moreover, Peter has practiced qigong for the last seventeen years. Peter’s interest in traditional health preservation practices is complemented by his study of more than fifteen years of modern lifestyle research.

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